B: Thank you for your time, Your Highness. It’s very much appreciated! Let’s start at the very beginning: How did you hear about Troll 2 and land the prestigious role of the Troll Queen, Creedence Leonore Gielgud?

Deborah: My pleasure, I’m most happy to be here. I got a notice from my agency about a ‘cattle call’ in Park City for a horror film. The client had chosen my picture out of the book. They had queried agencies all over Utah, and when I arrived, there were hundreds of actors waiting to audition. When it was my turn, they gave me a few Creedence lines. I gave it my campy all, and the rest is history!

B: Camp definitely suited the character and added to the movie. During the script read-through, did you receive any guidance from the Director (Claudio Fragasso) or the crew on how to play the role? There’s been talk that the language barrier (Italian) made filming “slightly” chaotic, with actors defining the characters themselves.

Deborah: I received the script about a week beforehand, which seemed off-the-wall, but I figured I’d get direction and further understanding on set. As far as I know, none of the cast did a ‘read-through.’ When it came time for my scenes, I was told where to stand and shown which scene and lines I was doing. Sometimes Claudio would express the emotion he desired in his way. Other than that, I went with my campy gut and had fun. Most of my lines were ‘one-take wonders’! A few of my fellow actors had a somewhat different experience.

B: Wow, just a week! That’s not much time to prepare! We’ve heard that the “popcorn scene” was your first on set. Is that true? If so, how did you prepare for it, and was it what you expected?

Deborah: True, it was my first scene filmed! Hee. I found my old script recently, but as I recall, I had no idea what the crazy scene would entail. Pretty much just my lines. The first thing we filmed was me sauntering down the mountainside to the trailer. It was freezing, and my teeth were chattering! Then the door slammed on my finger as I entered the trailer. Inside was the next surprise: the sweet young man and… popcorn! It was awkward, bizarre, and funny all at once.

B: It was an epic scene, along with the “hunger pains.” Quite an introduction! The rest of the filming must have been a breeze? How long were you filming, and did you worry about any negative feedback before and after its release?

Deborah: My role took about four days, I believe. My son, Gavin, also won a role (the directors didn’t know we were related!), so I was also on set for his scenes. That was fun, as I got to know the other actors I otherwise wouldn’t have.

None of the filming was a breeze, as I was in makeup for hours, and some scenes were quite uncomfortable with the huge yellow contacts and spewing green goo. During filming, it was obvious to me it was a B Movie and figured it would have a limited audience. I wasn’t worried, as I’ve always loved, created, acted, and directed camp. I just had fun with it! Little did we know what was to come. I still hear from fans worldwide saying how much they adore Troll 2. Some even say it saved them during dark times. If I couldn’t be in the best movie, I’m grateful to have been in the worst!

B: It must have been a great life experience for Gavin and a proud moment for you as his mom! Four days of filming, that’s incredible considering the makeup and your pivotal role.

You’ve mentioned the fans—Troll 2 fans are a breed unto ourselves, watching the movie repeatedly and pushing for new recruits. The B Club has the movie in our BShare library, and the feedback is varied. Many contenders for the worst movie, but none with the same appeal or their own documentary. Regarding the documentary (Best Worst Movie), can you discuss your absence other than the very end? You were very much missed by the fans 🙁

Deborah: Well, I couldn’t say it was the proudest moment, as Gavin has done more notable things since! His being in the film made the experience more enjoyable for both of us.

I was invited to participate in Best Worst Movie numerous times but couldn’t make it happen. I was producing a TV show at the time with a 24/7 schedule, among other obligations. But just before its release, I found some time and am on the DVD version in the ‘Bonus Features – A Conversation with the Goblin Queen.’

B: Glad to hear there’s life after Troll 2 for both of you. BTW, love the characters in the commercials you worked on! There’s been talk of Troll 3 for some time now. Any gossip? Would you consider returning if given the opportunity? What keeps you busy other than sharing the Troll 2 Queen love?

Deborah: Thank you! I enjoyed writing and directing campy ads for clients, playing off-the-wall zany characters! My talented husband, Randy, and I had such fun co-producing until his passing in 2012.

There has been talk of Troll 2 1/2 for years, and who knows? But yes, I have shown a willingness to consider it.

What keeps me ticking is a myriad of things. Family first and friends, mostly! I’m an animal lover, especially kitties. My internet friends have become special to me. I have a blog, Deba Do Tell, where I share experiences, including a ‘Troll 2 Queen’ category! My passion is writing. I’ve been working on several books and hope to release Flump ~The Gaseous Ghost, a middle-grade novel, soon. There are even some Troll 2 references in it. You can also find my books on my blog.

B: Well, Your Highness, thank you very much for your time and for providing a great insight into your life during and after Troll 2. Thanks for enriching our lives with one of the best and most loved characters brought to the screen. Do you have a final message for the fans?

Deborah: Thanks so much for having me; I’ve really enjoyed this interview. To my fans, I truly appreciate you—old and new—your caring and support. I never tire of the fun we have together and just knowing you are out there. Troll 2 lives on. Yay!